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Sparring Results

ChallengerMatch TypeChallengeeReason
MedabetlehMek'torFor honor and glory!
MedabetlehMek'torfor fun and action
Pek'ToSbetlehMek'torFor honor and glory!
Stephen LesliebetlehDenise LangFor honor and glory!
Taj'vlbetlehK'VokTo see what happens!
Taj'vlbetlehA. J. BernardFor honor and glory!
Dj ScareBearbetlehHoyle 'Buck' GibbsFor. The Right To Arm Bears
Taj'vlbetlehGabriel LyonsFor honor and glory!
Sajida KajadabetlehG'Trell Jamesfor glory!
Taj'vlbetlehG'Trell JamesFor going away again!
Taj'vlbetlehDouglas HoweFor disappearing mid-tourney!
Kraz Naul GordonbetlehGabriel LyonsFor honor and glory!
Kira Naul GordonbetlehGabriel LyonsFor honor and glory!
Taj'vlbetlehA. J. BernardFor testing new features!
Matsu TsukobetlehRolf Emerson

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