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Privacy Policy

The Bravo Fleet betleH Tournament Staff is committed to the confidentiality of the personal information of event participants. As such, all personal information such as real name and birthdate, are hidden. Your age is displayed, however. Under only two circumstances shall the data in our databases be released to other parties.

I. Death - If your death is confirmed, your full name and birthdate will be released to the Bravo Fleet Hall of Honor staff for memorial.
II. Warrant - With appropriate legally valid warrant or court order, specifically requested data shall be provided to the authorities.

Code and Design ©2008-2009 Jake Weisz. The betleH Tournament is a service provided for simming groups operating in or near (YR + 376) timeline. It is owned and operated by the current judges of the betleH Tournament. Credits for the images used on this site can be found here.