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Office of Records and Registration - Jake Weisz
betleH 6 Official Logo - Nathan Foster
betleH 8 Official Logo - Jake Weisz


betleH Tournament Generic Theme - Spencer Coons
Marine Ball 2384 Theme - Spencer Coons
7th Annual betleH Tournament Theme - TheFEDoc
SpaceRace 2385 Theme - Spencer Coons



Tournament Participation Icons

These images are grandfathered from the original betleH Tournament site created by K'Hare.

Fleet Logos

Fleet logos are the property of their respective fleets.


All the avatars displayed on the betleH System are part of the BF Trading Cards. Credits for those images are available on it's site.

Code and Design ©2008-2009 Jake Weisz. The betleH Tournament is a service provided for simming groups operating in or near (YR + 376) timeline. It is owned and operated by the current judges of the betleH Tournament. Credits for the images used on this site can be found here.